Reasons Your Business Should Invest in Digital Transformation


Regardless of your sector or industry, your company needs to adopt innovative technologies and digital channels that are integrated into the consumer experience if it wants to succeed in today’s economic battlefield.

You must put time, money, and effort into your digital transformation strategy if you want to ensure the long-term viability of your company. It will support consumer engagement, boost operational effectiveness, shorten the time it takes to sell goods or services, and promote innovation.

IDC experts forecast that by 2025, global spending on digital transformation plans will amount to $2.8 trillion, more than twice what it was in 2020. With this investment, firms will be able to develop a comprehensive digital strategy that considers people, processes, technology, data, and governance.


Reasons your business needs to invest in and accelerate its digital transformation.

Consumer Culture

  1. This contains lessons for gaming, influencers, and music videos. While still important, print media is no longer as powerful as it once was. Because of the inherent digital nature of today’s visual content appetite (just take a look at TikTok’s meteoric development), providing interesting video content is essential to connecting with your target audience. The ideal delivery method for such messaging is through digital channels and touchpoints.
  2. The typical college student of today has never licked a postage stamp so much. Analog methods of advertising and internal communication will struggle to produce the results you need to generate leads or increase sales in the age of the digital native.
  3. Eighty percent of individuals check their phones within the first ten minutes of waking up, and 62% admit to sleeping with their phones. This merely sheds light on how dependent and addicted people are to their smartphones and other digital technology. To ensure customer engagement and to enable purchases through social media—social commerce and shoppable posts—be careful to optimize your content (blog, landing pages, emails, etc.) for mobile devices and provide a seamless consumer journey from one device to the next.

The State of Digital Transformation

Here, we examine the present business environment and how important digital transformation is as a result.

The Covid-19 pandemic compelled businesses to accelerate their digital changes, in some cases by ten years. This demonstrates how businesses have concentrated on offering digital services and goods to compete in a shifting market and meet the needs and wants of consumers. Although this degree of adoption may have been anticipated, it is the way that organizations must continue to function in order to prosper.

The Power of Digital Transformation

Perspectives on the current world’s undeniable reliance on digital transformation.

The degree of digital transformation and financial performance are clearly correlated. Companies who are further along in their digital transformation experienced revenue growth rates that were about twice as fast as those that are only beginning. This is a blatant argument for investing in digital transformation because revenue generation is the main objective of business growth and acceleration.

Digital transformation

It is essential to undergo digital transformation if you want your organization to succeed. And to do that, you need a workforce that can drive transformation in addition to the newest and most efficient technologies.

The best method to make sure your staff is up to the task and proficient in the most crucial digital skills is to offer training. This could be a specialized curriculum that covers the essentials or brief online courses that upgrade skills in a field like data analytics or SEO. It’s critical to evaluate your digital skills and identify any gaps that will prevent your business from growing.

Boost the digital capabilities of your workforce

To achieve a seamless digital transformation, invest in your staff’s digital education and training. The Digital Marketing Institute provides specialized training in digital marketing and social selling to meet the needs of your team and its skill levels.


By Nour Masri

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