Digital marketers know that many tools, platforms, and apps are available to help you advance your digital efforts in this fascinating and quickly developing field. Yes, they can save you time, but researching and evaluating the many possibilities can be difficult and perplexing, especially in a constantly evolving sector with a number of new trends.

All firms must devote time and resources to developing effective digital marketing plans. But it doesn’t have to be a chore; it may be really satisfying. Creating and executing a good campaign is one of the most satisfying aspects of the job, as any digital marketer will tell you. Few things can compare to the satisfaction of watching an inventive campaign that has been thoroughly thought out generate new leads.

While creating new plans and campaigns is enjoyable, it frequently necessitates a lot of administrative work. Fortunately, a variety of digital marketing solutions are accessible and made to make the entire digital marketing lifecycle more efficient.

Digital marketing tools: social media


One of the earliest social media management tools enables you to plan, develop, and publish content across a variety of social media channels. These consist of YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Hootsuite monitors all of your social media accounts in a single window and is intuitive, visual, and simple to use.

Its inbox feature, which enables you to manage both public and private communication in a single location, as well as its social listening and data analytics capabilities, which are excellent for enhancing and gauging the performance of your campaigns, are standout assets. Hootsuite is best suited for teams, has few drawbacks, and even provides a free edition.

Sprout Social

An all-encompassing platform for managing social media, Sprout Social has tools for posting, engagement, analytics, and more. The key distinction from Hootsuite is its excellent customer service. It is the perfect option for people new to social media marketing who require further assistance because it now offers phone and email support.


Buffer provides a condensed version of other well-liked social media management tools, making it ideal for smaller companies, startups, and those on a low budget. While it lacks the functionality of Hootsuite or Sprout, it does offer a clear, user-friendly layout and—more importantly—is far less expensive. Buffer is probably the best choice for small teams if you’re more interested in the content creation side of things.


By Ahmad Alwan

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