Digital marketers know that many tools, platforms, and apps are available to help you advance your digital efforts in this fascinating and quickly developing field. Yes, they can save you time, but researching and evaluating the many possibilities can be difficult and perplexing, especially in a constantly evolving sector with a number of new trends.

All firms must devote time and resources to developing effective digital marketing plans. But it doesn’t have to be a chore; it may be really satisfying. Creating and executing a good campaign is one of the most satisfying aspects of the job, as any digital marketer will tell you. Few things can compare to the satisfaction of watching an inventive campaign that has been thoroughly thought out generate new leads.

While creating new plans and campaigns is enjoyable, it frequently necessitates a lot of administrative work. Fortunately, a variety of digital marketing solutions are accessible and made to make the entire digital marketing lifecycle more efficient.

Digital marketing tools: email marketing


Mailchimp has long been the market leader and is arguably the most well-known email marketing tool. It provides everything you require to launch effective email campaigns rapidly. This contains an email editor, an auto-resend function for contacts who didn’t open the initial email, and over 100 elegantly designed email campaign templates (eight in the free edition).

Additionally, Mailchimp offers some nice add-ons like suggested send timings, which relieve you of extra administrative work. The main drawback is that as additional features are added, their core service suffers a little. However, despite the somewhat less user-friendly interface over time, it’s still a reliable tool for email marketing.


Another email marketing solution is Moosend, which allows you to manage, track, and generate all of your email campaigns in one location. It offers relatively straightforward capabilities in comparison to Mailchimp, including the ability to create and personalize campaigns, gathers user sign-up and opt-in/out information, and create and segment email subscriber lists. However, its capability is more than adequate for the majority of marketing initiatives. It boasts a user-friendly UI, good reporting, and competitive customer support despite the low cost.


MailerLite is practical and more than adequate for starting simple email campaigns because it is simple to use and costs around the same as Moosend. In particular, even on the free version, key capabilities include high-volume emailing, data import and export tools, and text and theme templates. While MailerLite is an excellent choice for small businesses, you’ll need to pay if you reach 1,000 subscribers (or for additional capabilities).

By Ahmad Alwan

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